FinCraft Investment Management is the sponsor and manager of the FinCraft Retirement Fund, an umbrella fund registered and licensed in Botswana to provide a packaged retirement fund solutions to individuals, employees of small to medium sized corporations and other entities. FinCraft Retirement Fund follows a Life Stages Investment Model with four different sub-funds:

    Life Stage1- Aggressive Portfolio: The aggressive portfolio is for fund members up to 40 years who have many more years of service during their work life. As a rule of thumb; while balanced fund investments in the aggressive investment portfolio will have high exposure to equities it will have less exposure to bonds, cash and property or other alternative asset classes./li>
  • Life Stage 2 – Moderate Portfolio: The moderate portfolio is ideal for members in their mid –career, that is by our default; ages from 41 years to 50 years. The moderate portfolio exposes members to lesser risk than the aggressive investment portfolio; essentially meaning that the moderate portfolio would invest more in fixed instruments, cash and property and less equities.
  • Life Stage 3 – Conservative Portfolio The conservative nature of this portfolio places emphasis on capital protection and the enhancement of income, essentially keeping the risk of capital loss to an absolute minimum. The conservative portfolio is for fund members of 51 years to retirement age (early retirement at 55 years and normal retirement at 60 years as per the FUND rules).
  • Preservation / Exit Portfolio The preservation portfolio aim as an exit portfolio serves as our most conservative portfolio of the FinCraft Retirement Fund; bearing an asset allocation of bonds, cash and other money market instruments without any exposure to equities. The exit portfolio offers 100% capital protection. It is designed for members terminating their membership with the FinCraft Retirement Fund, those retiring and who have submitted their fund exit forms, for fund preservation purposes for deceased members whilst the fund trustees are still tracing the deceased member's beneficiaries, those inactive members who have since moved on to another fund now sponsored by their employers but still want to retain their fund credits with the FinCraft Retirement Fund etc.