FinCraft (Pty) Ltd trading as FinCraft Investment Management and FinCraft Investment Research began operating in October 2003 with financial, economic and investment research as its sole revenue driver. As the enterprise evolved within the financial services industry diversification of the FinCraft's revenue and earnings base became strategic. It was then in 2006 that the company established the investment advisory and investment management wing. To this end; the company's investment management business is established from a very strong investment research foundation; with research being a solid pillar to its operations.


  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Fund.
  • Investment Research.


  • Investment Portfolio Serviced by a Specialist Fund Manager.
  • Combines expertise in Botswana market with the international market.
  • Succession planning in place.
  • Botswana's very ow green-field asset manager.
  • FinCraft has a very strong investment analysis and research background.
  • Stability of the key person.