Offers tailor made investment solutions to Institutions, Pensions Funds, Corporates and the Affluent Individuals on a segregated basis. Segregated mandates are determined in consultation with the investor and managed by FinCraft in accordance with the agreed criteria as per the client's Investment Statement Policy.

  • Equity Mandates: These mandates are actively managed in line with FinCraft Investment philosophy and invests in diversified portfolio of shares listed on the BSE (Botswana Stock Exchange). At FinCraft we are value investors, hence the portfolio favours shares that represent value and quality management which are expected to appreciate over time. The benchmark for these mandates is the DCI (Domestic Companies Index) and we always seek to provide the investor with higher returns than the benchmark.
  • Balanced Mandates: Balanced mandates have an allocation to more than one asset class thus equities and bonds. The mandate aims to add value through active asset allocation and active security selection within each asset class. The composite benchmark consists of 80% DCI and 20% BBI (Botswana Bond Index)